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Picture in Picture streaming guides - 2 - How to use XSplit´s Local Streaming (premium feature)

XSplit Premium users, using v1.1 and above, have now the ability to start a "Local Streaming". First of all, what does this mean?
The normal user has two different Broadcast options, Local recording, which saves the video to your hard disk, or using one of the Streaming plugins, which sends the video to an Internet-Server. Local Streaming is a third option, your streaming PC becomes the Server. Viewers could connect directly to you and see the video you are producing.
Streaming for a single friend, incorporating more than one video source into one Stream, Picture in Picture streaming, all this scenarios can benefit of this feature. Unfortunately the XSplit Help Page currently has no further information on how to use this feature. I´m sharing my experience and current knowledge with you, information can change in the future!

Let´s get to work, first of all you need to check your XSplit channel plugins, don´t forget you need a Premium Licence, after starting XSplit click on broadcast and edit channels. Clicking on "Add.." should give you a similar picture:
If you already have the marked plugin installed on your machine just skip the next step. No plugins installed yet? Click on More...:
Search the Plugin the Machine your working on needs and install it. Then we can start adding a profile for this plugin.

Local Streaming plugin:
If you´re familiar with streaming already you know this interface by now

Finding the right settings for your local stream depends on a few different things:
  • How many viewers will your local stream have? 
  • Will they watch over LAN or Internet?
  • What is the download Bandwidth of the receiving viewer/streamer?
  • What is your upload Bandwidth to stream?
  • Will the stream be used for Picture in Picture?
  • Do you need a very Low Latency so the PiP won´t be delayed?
  • Things i forgot to mention ;)
If you are not familiar with streaming yet you should look into a few more tutorials on how to setup XSplit for streaming and on what your needs for streaming are (hardware/software/internet speed)!!!
If you want to add this Source to your own stream (for PiP) read on.

Livestream plugin:
Again, if you don´t see the marked plugin, click More.. and install it.
After XSplit finished installing the plugin you should be able to Add it to your scene:
Since you didn´t start a Local streaming yet, XSplit never told you about the adresses it will be using. See the following two Codes

Original URL: (the PC using Local Streaming is using Lan IP

URL to use in "Add Livestream...":

Depending on your needs you need the LAN IP of your streaming PC or the Internet IP. If you just want to stream to a single friend for example he can use the Original URL to see the stream in a browser window. VLC should also be able to capture this stream. (Thanks to HellGreen in the XSplit Forums for both URL´s)
To include the stream in XSplit use the second Code Line and replace the IP with the Internet IP if needed. XSplit will try to connect to your "Local Streaming" PC so before clicking OK start the local streaming there to do a first real test. Try starting with a low buffer (1-2 seconds), buffering means on the one hand that there will be no empty frames shown probably but also adds a delay to the video, for PiP streaming you would probably want the smallest delay between your two or more Pictures/Videos/Streams, how to call them!

Local streaming over the Internet can give you several problems:
  • Router / ISP / Firewall blocking ports
  • Bandwidth problems on the Client or Server side
  • Bad connection between the Viewer and Streamer
  • more things I didn´t think of
XSplit is giving you an error after you added the Livestream? 
Try watching your Local stream with the "Original URL", if thats working fine try adding the scene in xsplit while watching it in the browser. I also had one occasion where XSplit would only be able to capture the local streaming if I also started a local recording on that same PC, but it kept streaming after I switched the local recording of. The plugin is probably not 100% finished as it is a new feature in XSplit. But I would like to hear your reports!

There are some more ways I will explain in other Tutorials to accomplish streaming to a Single person or incorporating more than one Stream into your favorite streaming software. Last but not least here are some forum posts talking about the XSplit feature and similar ways of doing it:

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